real time alert

Realtime Alerts

Integra Real-Time (TM) monitors prescriptions 24/7/365. Based on YOUR specific contracts, we automatically monitor your facility's:

• High Cost Prescriptions
• Formulary Alternatives
• Refills Too Soon
• Short Supplies Required
• OTC Do-Not-Send
• Special Rates
• Prior Authorizations
and more.



Formularies are more than changing medication—they require an understanding of your contracts, patient’s diagnosis and alternative drug availability to create the optimal drug plan. Featuring a clinical pharmacy consultant on staff, Integra works with you to customize a formulary program that suits your facility’s needs.
monthly audits


Attention to detail makes all the difference. Our audit reports review monthly invoices and activity to identify:

  • Payer Source Discrepancies
  • Therapeutic Interchange Protocols
  • Managed Care Exclusions
  • Part D or Medicaid Covered
  • Pricing Discrepancies
  • Brands vs. Generics
  • Duplicate Billing
  • Returnables
  • Formularies
  • Split Billing
  • And more!
corporate reporting

Corporate reporting

Corporate dashboard allows you to compare costs and savings across multiple facilities.
monthly audits

Contract Negotiations

Using our pharmacy expertise and experience, we help secure the best contract for your facility.
prior recovery

Prior Period Audits and Recovery

Integra can retroactively audit pharmacy invoices for prior years. This often leads to the recovery of significant funds.